We waited 14 years to tell this adoption success story


Fourteen years ago, we profiled a 2-yr-old who needed an adoptive home.  Now — all these years later — we catch up with a strapping 16-yr-old, and share the story of how he found his family.  Dave Courvoisier reports.

We had to dig deep into the video archives to find these pictures of a Wednesday’s Child shoot in 2003.  Only a year-and-a-half old at the time, his foster mother described him as a pretty happy/healthy kid.

“Yeah, he eats anything and everything you put in front of him.  He finger-feeds himself…Uh, he goes to bed about 7-7:30, wakes up at 6:30 in the morning,” said his foster mother in 2003.

And this is Jordan today, helping to fix what his mom will put in front of him for dinner.

Jordan is the oldest of and the first of four adopted children for Connie and Jeuckinda.

“Well, he’s the big brother he make sure they’re on top of their chores and he makes sure that his little sister is taken care of… he makes sure he even helps them with their homework, so that’s great for us,” says Jeuckinda, Jordan’s mom.

All these two moms ever wanted was a family.  Jordan was the first answer to that prayer, and Jeuckinda’s mom noticed him on tv.

“Her and my father was looking at Wednesday’s Child and they knew that we wanted to adopt it’s been one of my biggest dreams and she called us and said I want this baby let’s try and see if we can get him and we tried, I called and…,” says Jeuckinda.

But some other family got to Jordan first.  Several months later, they got another chance.

“So by the time he was 2 ½ a year later they just contacted us. We had kind of gave up. It was kind of when we knew our time was right God was going to give it to us he’s going to give us our child that’s right for us,” says Connie, Jordan’s mom.

Now Jordan is a high school student… On the football team….and setting his sights on the future.

“He actually wants to be an FBI agent. It’s always a toss between an FBI agent or a US Air Marshal he’s really into the criminal justice field.

“I guess just the fact that you can help your country and by not actually having to go overseas,” says Jordan.

Connie and Jeuckinda are glad they never gave up on their dream of adoption.

“If your heart is really into loving a child, then never overlook a child give that child a chance because they’re giving you the same chance. A lot of people say oh don’t adopt an older child because they’re already damaged… that’s not so.. because Jordan went through a lot, as a little one, but he overcame it,” says Connie.

Jordan and his 3 siblings were lucky to find a loving family.  There are many many more foster children seeking a forever family.  Call the Adoption Exchange for help.  702-436-6335.

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