CARSON CITY, Nev. (KLAS) — Governor Steve Sisolak spoke to media Thursday evening regarding COVID-19 testing across the state. While he, along with Dr. Mark Pandori — Director of the State Public Health Laboratory, talked mainly about the advancement of testing in Nevada, many questions were focused on comments from Las Vegas Mayor Carolyn Goodman.


Goodman recently criticized Governor Sisolak, saying health data on the coronavirus does not match up with the strict state guidelines. Sisolak responded to Goodman on several instances, at first more reserved:

Followed by a more direct comment, calling out her “experts”:

On the topic of testing, Governor Sisolak called on Dr. Pandori to show slides of some testing facts in the state.

Dr. Pandori went on to talk about how the state plans to do more testing, saying labs will be getting automated machines online within the coming weeks.

He also touted how well the Nevada has done with testing on a state level.

“We’ve had a capacity to test in Nevada since February 11,” Dr. Pandori said. ” At any given moment the State Public Health Lab maintains the ability to run 5,000 at least of these tests.”

Something Governor Sisolak says he is focusing on is making sure all people have the same access to testing. He said, “Hispanics, African Americans and Tribal communities that are not being tested at the same rate as other populations.” Despite mentioning he only had anecdotal examples of this, he went on to say that the state will be working to correct the problem.

Sisolak also fielded many questions about reopening the state. Each of his answers were summed up well in the following quote: