The partial federal government shut down continues to impact national parks, including Lake Mead. A group of civilians have decided to address the problem of trash left by visitors. The Libertarian Party of Nevada organized a cleanup earlier today. 

About 40 people visited Boulder Beach on Jan. 12, not to relax, but rather pick up trash.

“I wanted to come out here and lend a hand,” said volunteer Kevin Tyler. 

“The Libertarian Party of Nevada organized this call to action, but that didn’t stop those with other political affiliations from helping out. 

“I’m actually a Republican but it’s my duty to maintain the state that I love and the park I enjoy,” said volunteer Herman Ramirez.  “[There’s] a lot of people are right now complaining that the government is shut down but they aren’t doing anything. I want to show people that you don’t need the government to do the things that you as a citizen can do.” 

This is one of many cleanups at national parks scheduled by libertarians around the country today. The inspiration comes from the party picking up trash at the national mall last week.

“When the government shuts down, we step forward,” volunteer Jonathan Esteban said. 

Volunteers say park rangers here directed their focus to certain areas needing attention. The libertarian party plans to organize another beach clean up next month, and may also go up to Mt. Charleston.