Virginia man admits to setting his dog on fire


RICHMOND, VA. (CNN) — The man charged with lighting his dog on fire and leaving him tied to a tree to die says he went too far. The 20-year-old is now speaking out from jail and says he did it to protect his family.

Jyahshua Hill, admits to setting dog on fire: “I blacked out and that’s when everything had happened.”

From inside the Richmond jail, Hill, admits to setting dog on fire.

“The dog was too vicious to be around other dogs,” he said.

The incident happened Feb. 10, 2019.

“I’m sorry I took it that far with the dog.”

He is charged with the death of the dog named Tommie, who richmond police say was tied up and set on fire, left to die in Abner Clay Park.

“The dog attacked my daughter and I snapped and I did what I had to do to protect my kids from the dog.”

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