Viral video shows Legacy High School student lighting up in class


A viral video shared on Twitter shows a student at Legacy High School lighting up in class. 

The video was posted to twitter on Thursday and since then, more than three million people have viewed the clip.

In the clip, a student lights what looks like a joint behind his desk. He smokes it while his friends sit by with their phones recording it. 

“Between seven and two, at Legacy High School… absolutely not. I think it’s a matter of maybe not so much of what the school is doing or not doing, but the affect or lack thereof of parenting,” Aaron Castillo said after seeing the video. 

Another person in the classroom video tapes him rolling it. You can hear a teacher talking in the background. 

“It’s a taboo item to bring into a high school. That makes you cool. If you have it, that increases your popularity and I get it… high school is a social game and a hierarchy as well,” said Castillo. 

It’s still unclear if the student in the video was punished. 

“Due to privacy laws, CCSD is unable to discuss individual student disciplinary matters. However, in general, CCSD works to ensure our students learn in safe and drug free schools and has a regulation in place to handle incidents involving the use of drugs or alcohol by students,” said Mauricio Marin, a spokesperson for CCSD.

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