Video Game Development, in “What’s Cool at School”


Some gamers someday may be playing a groundbreaking video game that local teens are now learning to create!

Digital Video Game Development, a Magnet Program class at Eldorado High School, is introducing students through a computer screen to literally think outside the box leading to a wide-open future.

The programs instructor, Conner Torres said, “In terms of career in the next 10 years you’re going to see these skills be used in industries beyond game development – film, architectural visualization, commercials, movies.”

Magnet Coordinator Kathryn Hoyt added, “Others are going to take their skills into computer science and engineering and cyber security.”

The program isn’t traditional “open up your textbook” stuff – it’s a different mode of learning 
Torres describes it this way, “The hardest thing to learn is to sit there and develop the game. It challenges everything about the way you think. It’s artistic, it’s programmatic, it’s business, it’s marketing.”

This is also practical developmentm, not theory. 

Students create a 3D model using coding and visual scripting to plan a problem that needs to be solved. Along with adding menus, called widgets, Do 2D and 3D art. 

Develop, level design, and integrate systems are also featured.

Student Dylan Schwindt, a Senior, summed up the creative and technical process, “Some game’s develop a way of thinking outside of the box because their problems that they have solved while playing, and they go Okay, what’s the fastest way to do this.”

These students benefit from a teacher, Conner Torres, who is already working in the industry, as a game developer at Dotware Games, a company he founded.

Hoyt described this importance, “Having an industry expert work with us was just imperative to their growth.” 

Creative skills help to think in different domains, with technical skills to design and refine their idea. 

At Eldorado High School, the work on a groundbreaking game of the future continues.

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