The driver accused of killing three pedestrians in a crash last week was denied a request for bail of $250,000. Daniel Becker, 31, will remain behind bars without bail for at least five days.

One of the victim’s sisters was outraged after learning about Becker’s driving record and drug use.

According to his arrest report, Becker told police he smoke marijuana daily and had smoked it on the day of the crash. He was also driving without a license. He had surrendered it in Sept. 2017 following a crash. Becker suffers from seizures and takes medication.

“A part of me is gone,” said Williene Oatis, who lost her twin sister in the crash at Flamingo Road and Eastern Avenue.

Charlene Emerson, 69, was killed instantly along with Carrie Smith, 49, and her daughter Jazzy Smith,19.

Oatis is heartbroken after losing her sister who was on her way to a doctor’s appointment.

“It’s so painful and so heartbreaking,” Oatis said. “Gone too soon. Gone in an unnecessary way.”

Oatis traveled all the way from Mississippi to see the man, police say is responsible for her sister’s death.

Becker went before a judge Monday for the first time since his arrest. His attorney says it was all a tragic accident.

“Mr. Becker suffers from epilepsy and we believe he had a seizure that caused all this,” said Bret Whipple, Becker’s attorney.

But a police report tells a more incriminating story.

While being interviewed at the hospital following the crash, Becker told officers about his medical condition, adding he was on medication but couldn’t remember the name. He also failed at least two DUI tests, although blood test results are pending.

The report goes on to say Becker admitted to smoking pot every day before going to work, including on the morning of the deadly crash.

“I think we were more upset as to the way it happened,” Oatis said.

At the hospital, Becker’s wife also told officers he voluntarily surrendered his driver’s license a few months earlier after driving off the road and crashing into a light post.
“I feel like justice should be done to keep this man from driving and riding around,” Oatis said.

She was excited to host her sister for the holidays. Instead, she’s making funeral arrangements.  

“She said, ‘I can’t wait.’ Never in a million years I thought it would end like this.”

Becker is facing a laundry list of charges including three counts of driving under the influence resulting in death.

He’s due back in court Dec. 26.