DESERT HOT SPRINGS, Calif. (CNN) — A man accused of a random attack on a 7-year-old boy is facing attempted murder and other charges.

The boy, who suffered a brain injury, Gavin Ludwick was brutally attacked on his way home from swimming at a friend’s house.

“This attack was again deliberate and very vicious,” said deputy chief Steve Shaw, Desert Hot Springs Police. “This was an innocent child walking home after a fun day at the pool. Doesn’t look like there was any type of verbal confrontation or anything like this, this looks like a completely random attack based on what we’re seeing the child may not have even seen the attack coming.”

The suspect, 32-year-old Daniel Birch Poulsen, was arrested after he was found hiding in the neighborhood.

Gavin was found by a neighbor lying facedown in the street.

“I said, ‘hey Gavin’ and when I went to turn him over I noticed that there was damage on the right side of his head. I called his name out and he started to cry. I was in shock by that point because I couldn’t believe what was happening so I picked him up, ran to his house knocked on the door. the family was shocked,” said Arturo Delgado, neighbor.

They called 911. Gavin’s injuries were so severe, he was airlifted to Loma Linda Medical Center.

This is a second tragedy for the family. Gavin lost his father a few months ago to cancer.

Poulsen is being held on a $1 million bond.