VGK merchandise selling fast


Stores are trying to keep up the demand.

Anything that says Western Conference Champions is flying off the shelves. Hundreds of fans have been at the City National Arena Monday to buy items. There has been a long line to get into the store.

The Arsenal is only letting a few dozen people in at a time.

“It’s like Black Friday,” said Karen Michael, Knights fan. “I was here last night and waited in line for half an hour and they sold out all their t-shirts in 10 minutes.”

A hardcore fan, she waited more than 90 minutes for the Arsenal to open Monday. 

“This one goes to my son-in-law who is Vegas born,” she said.

Even Clark County firefighters are part of the fan mania.

They printed and sold almost 1,000 t-shirts to benefit the Golden Knights Foundation.

“They were gone in about 25 minutes today,” said Mark Lepino, fire engineer, Clark County Fire Department.

The special t-shirts will be their duty shirts until the Stanley Cup Final starts.

“We’re trying to give back to the Knights just like you know they’ve embraced us and the whole community,” Lepino said.

And over at Dick’s Sporting Goods, they opened three hours early at 6 a.m. 

“Huge fan, you know? I probably have half of my closet, is Golden Knights gear,” said  Shawn Siese, Golden Knights fan.

The big question everyone is asking now — who will play in the cup final? Washington or Tampa Bay?

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