Veronica is resilient. She would love being someone’s daughter.


A sixteen-year-old who is so smart and responsible that she could go it on her own no problem.  Only… She doesn’t want to.  Veronica deserves a loving adoptive family.  Dave Courvoisier has the story.
We’ve had some calls from people interested in adopting Jesse from last week’s Wednesday’s Child report.  We were at “Popped” in Henderson, and this week, we’re back at the same place with the other person we shot with that day:  16-yr-old Veronica… An impressive young lady hoping for a career in the military, and getting a head start in ROTC.

“Just the discipline. And just you know because I used to slouch and I can stand up straight now. I can be myself in ROTC as well you know I can be myself in school,” admits Veronica.

“I think that it contributes to a lot of her ability because she’s in A-P classes, she studies she make sure her grades are good, she enjoys ROTC, says her caseworker, Sherrie. 

Veronica is very much her own person with clear goals, and a positive attitude despite some tough trials so far in her young life.

“She’s kind. She’s compassionate. She endures well, her trials in this life. And i think that says a lot about her. She’s learned from them,” claims Sherrie.

Though very accomplished, Veronica still yearns for an adoption.

“It means to me means that I can have a family that I can come home to during holidays, after college, when I go into the military,” says Veronica.

“She knows that when she gets out of care that she needs a place to come home to during college, winter semester, Thanksgiving, you know spring break, she needs a home. She knows that and she wants that,” says Sherrie.

Above all, Veronica is irrepressible.

“I just feel like I’m a resilient person and I feel like I can always get back up again no matter what life throws my way, claims Veronica.

You can find out more about Veronica, and get started in the adoption process by calling the Adoption Exchange at 436-6335.

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