Vendors return to Route 91 Festival site to pick up equipment


One month ago today (Nov. 1), thousands of country music fans rocked out to their favorite artists at the Route 91 Harvest Festival, but none of them knew the terror that was about to happen.

Around 10 o’clock on Oct. 1, bullets started flying from the 32nd floor of Mandalay Bay, ultimately killing 58 people and injuring more than 500 others.

It was the deadliest mass shooting in modern American history.  On Wednesday, vendors returned to the festival site, Las Vegas Village, to retrieve their equipment, but on Wednesday, there were tourists taking pictures outside of it, along with landscapers trimming bushes.

In the meantime, vendors still retrieving products and other items from the area remember what they were doing when shots rang out.

“I was trying to check on one of the vendors, and I heard ‘pop, pop, pop,'” said Phillis Owens, vendor. 

Owens was selling beer at the 3-day concert.

“Somebody says, ‘it’s gunfire!  Get the money and get under the semi.’  And that’s what I did,” Owens said.

Owens was one of many who returned to the site to help take it down.  A stream of trucks filed onto the property empty handed and reappeared with what was left behind in tow.

Work crews were seen taking down tents and signs.

“There was just stuff everywhere,” Owens said. “At least the trash and the blood was picked up.  That I wouldn’t have been able to handle.” 

MGM is coordinating times for vendors to come and get their material.  The process is expected to last a few days.

Owens isn’t confident she’ll get everything back, but in light of what happened, she knows things could have been a lot worse.

Owens says she looks forward to normalcy.

“I’ll come back next year,” Owens said. “Not this week, or next week.  Next year.”  

As for what happens when the site is taken down, it remains unclear.

MGM said Wednesday that it had not made any determination on the future for Las Vegas Village.

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