A valley comic book store is looking for a real life villain and they hope someone in the valley can come to the rescue.

The owner of Celestial Comics said some of his most valuable comics were swiped last Sunday.

8 News NOW spoke with Chandler Rice on Saturday, which happened to be Free Comic Book Day.

Rice said last weekend someone came into the store and stuffed three pricey comics down his pants and walked out of the store.

The whole thing was caught on surveillance video. Rice hopes someone will recognize the thief and help bring them to justice.

“They were signed by people that meant something to the book or in the case of Stan Lee, who is obviously one of the biggest names in the comic book industry, and the fact that we had a comic book signed by him. It’s disturbing,” said Rice.

The three comics were valued at $1,500. One was signed by Stan Lee and one was a Walking Dead comic signed by an actor in the show.

Rice has filed a report with the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department.

Rice is also offering a $500 dollar reward for anyone with information that can lead to the identity and conviction of the person in the surveillance video.