Valley dries out, cleans up following severe storms


The Las Vegas valley area was pounded with some wicked weather Monday.  There wasn’t one part of the valley spared as rain consistently fell throughout the day.

Meteorologists say Monday’s storm system was an unusually strong one for the month of October.  Residents also noticed the continuous rain.

“There was a lot of rain all day.  Usually it rains for a half hour and then it’s a done deal, but yesterday was all day,” said Shlomi Bega, owner, A-Z Auto Care.

On Tuesday, clean up efforts begin as residents continued to deal with the consequences of Monday’s storms.  Several detention basins filled up with multiple feet of water. 

The Regional Flood Control District says the system is handling it well, but it will still take another day for all the water to flow out of town. 

Work crews from the city and Clark County started cleaning piles of rocks and dirt off roads all over the valley.  There wasn’t any major damage reported, mostly because the rain fell at a slower pace than it does during Monsoon season, but that wasn’t the case for everyone.

“I feel pretty unlucky today,” said Dora Morales, car flooded.

Morales was parked at the bottom of a hill when she was visiting her son, and that’s when flood waters moved into her car.

“We couldn’t get to the car.  We couldn’t walk to it.  The water was to our knees, and we thought we better just leave it alone,” Morales said.

Which was a good thing, especially since the new law regarding flood waters has gone into effect.  People who go around a barricade and drive into a flooded area are breaking the law, and you could be slapped with a two thousand dollar fine.

Morales said three cars ended up getting flooded with water.  Morales said one of the cars won’t even start.  However, Morales says she can see the upside of what happened.

“It doesn’t matter.  No one got hurt.  Cars can get fixed,” she said.

When it came to the Las Vegas Strip, tourists the new weather-related water feature at the Linq was more than many tourists bargained for.

“It looks like running rapids,” said Randy Hulett, tourist. “You could easily kayak on that river; it’s stunning, it’s coming out of the parking garage.”

Nevada Highway Patrol said its southern command responded to 76 crashes before 4 p.m. Monday, but, thankfully, no one was killed in those wrecks.

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