UPDATE: Big fight between teens sparks fear at Town Square


There was a massive police presence at Town Square Friday night.  Metro Police said witnesses told them that someone pulled out a gun during a big fight in front of the movie theater, which then sent people in the area into a panic. 

According to Metro Police, at 9:12 p.m. two teens met at Game Works in Town Square to fight. Both teens had friends with them. Witnesses told police one of the teens pulled out a handgun. 

But at some point, the stores in the area had to go on lockdown for reports of a mass shooter on the loose.

8 News NOW was told that staff and customers were hiding in the back rooms of stores while officers searched the area.

During the commotion, numerous people took to Twitter to urge people to stay away.

Initial reports said there were also shots fired, but that’s not true. Metro Police there weren’t any shots fired and there was never an active shooter on the premise.  

Eventually, the teens Metro Police searched for were found. Several people were arrested. One person is still outstanding.

Below is the latest update on the incident from Metro Police.

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