Unsolved Homicides and Missing Persons Project

LAS VEGAS — The Nevada Department of Public Safety and the Nevada Threat Analysis Center is looking for information on unsolved Nevada female homicides and missing person cases found in the rural counties.

According to DPS, for over a year, the NTAC’s Terrorism Liaison Officer Program has collected information on unsolved rural female homicides and selected missing person cases. The cold cases include unsolved homicide and missing person cold cases that have occurred from 1972 to 2010. Unsolved male cold case homicide research is currently underway.

NTAC is looking for the public’s help with leads about these cases. Nine of the cases involve victims who have not been identified.

The unsolved investigations come from several rural Nevada counties and do not include cold cases from Washoe or Clark County.

Anyone having possible leads regarding these cases is asked to contact Jim Lopey at (775) 687-0450 or email ntac@dps.state.nv.us.

Profiled Cases:

Imlay Jane Doe

Valerie Jane Doe

Elko County Jane Doe

Barbara Louise Nichols

Norma Jean Parker

Shafter Jane Doe

Gail Anne Thompson

Tina Cheri Snell AKA Cindy Marie Souza

Thousand Springs Jane Doe

Starr Valley Jane Doe

Stefanie Kelly Stroh

Trinity Jane Doe

Barbara Eleanor Hoover

 Shantelle Hudson

1972 Jane Doe

Hilltop Road Jane Doe

Cora R. Carillo