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LAS VEGAS — The Nevada Department of Public Safety and the Nevada Threat Analysis Center is looking for information on unsolved Nevada female homicides and missing person cases found in the rural counties.

According to DPS, for over a year, the NTAC’s Terrorism Liaison Officer Program has collected information on unsolved rural female homicides and selected missing person cases. The cold cases include unsolved homicide and missing person cold cases that have occurred from 1972 to 2010. Unsolved male cold case homicide research is currently underway.

NTAC is looking for the public’s help with leads about these cases. Nine of the cases involve victims who have not been identified.

The unsolved investigations come from several rural Nevada counties and do not include cold cases from Washoe or Clark County.

Anyone having possible leads regarding these cases is asked to contact Jim Lopey at (775) 687-0450 or email ntac@dps.state.nv.us.

Profiled Cases:

Imlay Jane Doe

  • Date Found: October 27, 1978 (death approximately six months prior to being found)
  • Location: Pershing County, several miles west of Imlay (Scossa Road area)
  • Description: Jane Doe (unidentified), female Caucasian, 40 to 50 years, 5 feet 5 inches tall, 155 pounds
  • Details: The victim was found inside of a piece of luggage and had been clothed in a bluish-green jacket and matching skirt, size 15 to 16, white knit sweater, white T-shirt size 38 to 40.

Valerie Jane Doe

  • Date Found: March 26, 1991
  • Location: Black Rock Desert (Pershing County) 11.1 miles north of Gerlach off Hwy. 34
  • Description: Jane Doe (unidentified), female white, 5 feet 1 inches tall to 5 feet 3 inches, brown hair, thin build, 25 to mid-fifties (one anthropologist estimated age from 25 to 35). The victim had been attired in Kikku brand jeans (size 30), a black blouse, dark blue camisole, and dark socks.
  • Details: A piece of jewelry had the inscription “Valerie” possibly indicating the victim’s first name. She had been shot to death. One piece of jewelry found on the victim was a gold colored bracelet with a pattern of a Dragon inlaid in a sea shell type material.

Elko County Jane Doe

  • Date Found: June 11, 1990 (Body presumed to be dumped months prior)
  • Location: Two miles south of Wendover at US-93A Mile Marker 52
  • Description: White Female Adult. Age 45 to 65. 5 feet 3 inches tall. Red hair and brown eyes.
  • Details: The victim was found fully clothed lying in a brushy area. She was wearing a purple Sears polyester pantsuit (size 18T) white bra, sleeveless T-shirt, tattered faded shirt with a linear pattern and “Lord James” clothing label, purple socks, suede boots, white panties, and Timex quartz watch w/ white face and Arabic numerals.

Barbara Louise Nichols

  • Date Found: 1988
  • Location: Sinclair Gas Station, Carlin, Nevada
  • Details: Barbara Nichols was working as a cashier at a Carlin Gas Station. She was abducted, murdered and found a half mile away from the gas station. The victim was shot several times with a shotgun. A Vibram size 9 1/2 sole shoe print was found at the scene. The gas station was in close proximity to I-80.

Norma Jean Parker

  • Date Found: February 14, 2001
  • Location: North of Winnemucca Dry Lake, two miles east of SR 447.
  • Details: Norma Jean Parker, originally from Tracy California, had Huntington’s Disease and was found in a remote area at the north side of Winnemucca Dry Lake. She was a former truck driver who liked to associate with fellow truckers. She was known to travel between Colorado and California, often in the company of truckers. Investigators do not know her cause of death. Parker was identified by dental records.

Shafter Jane Doe

  • Date Found: November 16, 1993 (Body possibly dumped five to six days before discovery)
  • Location: Elko County: Interstate 80 near exit 387 (area also referred to as Shafter) 23 miles west of the Nevada/Utah border.
  • Description: White Female, 25 to 30-years-old, 5 feet 7 inches tall, 140 pounds.
  • Details: The victim was found nude in Juniper trees by a motorist. The victim had been beaten and shot with a medium-caliber handgun. One thumb print from the victim was identifiable. Analysis of the victim’s hair indicates she may have spent the last seven months of her life in Starr Valley.

Gail Anne Thompson

  • Date Found: May 1996
  • Location: Found in an open field behind the Star Motel in Jackpot, Nevada (near US 93 and the Idaho border).
  • Details: Gail Anne Thompson, her husband and another couple traveled from Middleton, Idaho to Jackpot, Nevada for a weekend of gambling and square dancing. On the evening of May 4, 1996, Thompson’s husband Bobby returned to the hotel room and left his wife gambling at Cactus Pete’s Casino. She never returned to the hotel room. On May 5, Bobby Thompson returned to Jackpot to look for his wife. In the interim, Gail’s body was found in an open field, adjacent to the Star Motel. She had been severely beaten.

Tina Cheri Snell AKA Cindy Marie Souza

  • Date Found: October 30, 1996
  • Location: US 93A near Wendover, Nevada in area commonly known as Blue Lake, close to the highway.
  • Details: Tina Snell was a drug user who frequented truck stops, casinos and rest areas. Her remains were partially skeletonized and mummified. Some potential suspects were developed but the case was never solved.

Thousand Springs Jane Doe

  • Date Found: July 14, 1974
  • Location: Found in a dry wash 33 miles north of Wells, Nevada in an area known as Thousand Springs.
  • Description: White Female Adult in her early 20’s.
  • Details: The victim’s body was found by tourists. Her cause of death was strangulation and her remains burned with diesel fuel. Physical evidence and dental charts are available at the National Crime Information Center. The victim’s body has not been identified and no suspects were ever developed.

Starr Valley Jane Doe

  • Date Found: July 1972
  • Location: I-80 35 miles east of Elko in the Starr Valley area
  • Description: White Female, age 20 to 25, 5 feet 2 inches tall, 110 to 115 pounds, shoulder-length reddish/blond hair.
  • Details: The victim’s nude body was found by a Starr Valley rancher. The victim had been shot in the upper body with a small caliber handgun. She had a scar over her right knee and an appendectomy scar. On July 7th or 8th of 1972, witnesses reported seeing a dark blue Volkswagen with Tennessee plates in the general area.

Stefanie Kelly Stroh

  • Last Contact: October 15, 1987
  • Location: Wells, Nevada
  • Description: White Female, 45-years-old, 5 feet 5 inches tall, 130 pounds, brown hair and brown eyes.
  • Stefanie Stroh called her parents from Wells, Nevada on October 15, 1987. She told them she had gotten a ride while hitchhiking and was coming home, but was never seen again. Tommy Lynn Sells, a convicted murderer currently incarcerated in Texas, claimed he was responsible for Stroh’s murderer somewhere near Winnemucca. His confession and involvement was never substantiated and is discounted by one of the primary investigators on the case. Stroh was last seen wearing a black tank top and shirt, black corduroy pants and brown leather ankle high shoes. She was carrying a little gray canvas suitcase, pink purse and an orange sleeping bag.

Trinity Jane Doe

  • Date Found: May 19, 2008 (Body presumed to have been dumped months prior)
  • Location: Churchill County — Gravel pit south of I-80 (Trinity Off-Ramp) at mile marker 83. The gravel pit is accessible from I-80 by a dirt road.
  • Description: White Female, 35 to 50-years-old, 5 feet 2 to 5 feet 8 inches tall.
  • Details: The victim was buried in a shallow grave with rocks and gravel placed on top of the grave site. The victim was wearing an orange pullover shirt with dragon and tiger design print. DNA is available at lab in Arizona. A missing transient named Mollie Meyer, born in 1949, may be a possible match. Meyer’s camp was found ransacked 50 miles away from the location of the grave site. Meyer has not been seen or heard from since being seen in Luning, Nevada on May 22, 2005.

Barbara Eleanor Hoover

  • Last Contact: September 12, 2003
  • Location: 5100 block of Tamarack Street, Silver Springs, Nevada
  • Description: White Female, age 75, 5 feet 2 inches tall, 160 pounds, brown hair, brown eyes.
  • Details: Barbara Hoover disappeared from the Silver Springs area after a dispute with her husband, Bob Hoover. Her body was never found, but she disappeared under suspicious circumstances.

 Shantelle Hudson

  • Last Contact: November 14, 1988
  • Location: Dayton, Nevada
  • Description: White Female, 16-years-old, 5 feet 5 inches tall, 120 pounds, brown hair, brown eyes.
  • Details: Shantelle Hudson disappeared after attending school in Dayton, but witnesses say she was seen at the Dayton Street Dance two days after she left home. Her mother did not approve of the friends, which caused some disagreements. The mother’s DNA was taken in 2009. Hudson’s Social Security number has been ran through numerous databases with no results. The victim has never contacted relatives, leading to the probability that she deceased. A possible match found by a murder victim in Phoenix, Arizona is being compared to Hudson’s mother’s DNA. Lyon County Officials theorize that the victim may have met with foul play at the street dance.

1972 Jane Doe

  • Date Found: October 2, 1972
  • Location: Devil’s Gate, 17 miles northeast of Elko, Nevada.
  • Description: Skeletal remains only. Possibly a young adult white female.
  • Details: The victim’s remains were found with some clothing. The remains were believed to have been in the Devil’s Gate location for quite some time due to the condition of the body. Evidence examination is pending by Elko County.

Hilltop Road Jane Doe

  • Date Found: February 25, 1990 (Remains believed to be at location one to two years before discovery).
  • Location: Lander County — One mile east of Hilltop Road. From I-80 and Combs Canyon Road and Hilltop Road, the body was 16.8 miles near the fork in the road next to an old mine.
  • Description: White Female, American Indian and European characteristics, age 28-38.
  • Details: The victim’s scattered remains were found without a torso. The remains showed evidence of postmortem “sawing.”

Cora R. Carillo

  • Date Found: March 1, 1981
  • Location: Douglas County — Jack’s Valley Road, 17 feet down an embankment
  • Description: White Female, age 54.
  • Details: Cora Carillo was found with a ligature device around her neck. The ligature was an article of clothing. She was seen at a party on February 27, 1981. She was also seen by a girlfriend at a Carson City store on February 28, 1981. No solid suspects were ever developed.

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