Saturday night wasn’t a just a bad dream. UNLV did lose to Howard University.

The Bison entered the game as 45-point underdogs against the Rebels and stunned them with a 43-40 victory.

By point-spread standards, Howard pulled off the biggest upset in modern college football history.

“It was my first game so I was excited to even be there. Getting on the bus, getting my way there,” said Artesia Graham, UNLV student.

The upset was so significant, UNLV became a top trending topic on Twitter Saturday night.

Howard came into the Rebels’ home opener only winning three games in the past two seasons.

Fans and players alike were shocked and disappointed about what transpired at Sam Boyd Stadium.

“I feel like they didn’t beat us. We beat ourselves with mistakes like not having a tempo, not getting on the ball, just a lot of missed opportunities left on the field,” explained Nicholas Wilson, UNLV defensive back.

To add insult to injury Howard was actually paid $600,000 to travel to Las Vegas and play the Rebels.

The only thing the Rebels can do now is put this loss behind them and use it as a learning experience. The team must now turn their attention on the University of Idaho, a team that beat UNLV last year 33-30 in overtime