A new type of competition is emerging in Las Vegas and its expanding to the collegiate world. 

UNLV battled Boise State on Saturday in the inaugural Mountain West esports showdown and won.

Milo “Frostbyte” Ocampo, President and co-founder of 8-Bit Esports at UNLV said this is a major milestone for the new sport.

“This is a very huge milestone for my life’s work and I’m incredibly grateful. I’m incredibly happy,” Ocampo said. -Bit Esports at UNLV

Ocampo has been working in esports for 13 years and started organizing tournaments when he was 10.    

He admits this isn’t your traditional sport. It’s in a category all of its own.    

“We as esports athletes practice 10-15 hours a day. We’re in game, we’re out of game, we study, we have numbers. It’s intense,” Ocampo said. 

The two teams squared off in three popular e-sports games: League of Legends, Rocket League, and Overwatch.

“I think what this is going to show is that we have amazing talent, we have students and athletes that can go pro and we’re doing this all with very minimal resources,” Ocampo said. 

8-Bit Esports is not funded by UNLV’s Athletic Department, but players told 8 News NOW that could one day change, especially since gaming continues to grow globally.
“This is a big signal to the other sport conferences and the collegiate scene of the rest of the United States and so we’re going to see a lot more competition and I think it’s going to keep growing and I want Vegas to be the center of it,” said Alexander “Skin” Skinner, 8-Bit Esports.

8-Bit Esports received support from area businesses which donated some of the equipment they use.