A pack of four German Shepherds attacked two people on Sunday morning bringing the total number of dog attacks to four in the span of one week.

The latest attack happened when the dogs got loose from a home in the area of Nellis Boulevard and Charleston Boulevard.

Sixty-nine-year-old Nenita Lomogo says the dogs bit her on her finger and scratched her stomach.

A 16-year-old boy was bit on both of his legs, said Metro Police. 

Both Lomogo and the teen were able to walk away from the incident, but they did get treated by firefighters.

Lomogo said she was so scared during the attack she froze.

“They grabbed my hand because I go like this. Oh my god, please, go away, go. But still, they’re barking like arrrrrr,” Lomogo said.

According to police, the owner told investigators the dogs knocked over part of their fence and got loose.

Animal control was called out and took the dogs.

As for the other cases in the valley this week, the dogs have been either pit bulls or a pit bull mix.