Twins Terrell and Trevor are 3 years of adorable.


Brothers Terrell and Trevor are the focus on Wednesday’s Child today.  At 3 years of age, they’re starting to really thrive.  Dave Courvoisier reports on their need for an adoptive home.

This is the brothers’ favorite place to play… And they showed none of the hesitancy of their early days in therapy.

“When they first got here they were very quiet and shy and very timid. They really didn’t interact with each other or anyone in general, and then as they progressed they’ve opened up and been happier,” says Tracey, the director of nursing where the boys get their therapy.

In fact, these two have kinda had to discover each other.  

“But they do interact more, they love each other you can tell they will sit next to each other they will lay next to each other so it’s definitely growing you can tell there’s a bond and they know, but how can you not when they’re twins,” adds Tracey

Terrell is showing the most improvement of late… Really coming into his own.

“He’s a little boy now, so he’s very happy, he loves cars, he loves music, he sing songs, he does ABC’s,” claims Tracey

His brother Trevor is showing improvements too.

“Trevor is big on music and textures,  and like he loves to just listen I bought him a little piano for Christmas last year and he’d just key bash the piano and he would put his head on the piano just to listen to it and the feel and the vibrations and that type of stuff,” says Tracey.

These two will need continued therapy, but their nurse thinks it won’t get in they way of them thriving.

“Honestly I really don’t see that being an issue I mean I know you’ve got a couple medical problems here and there, but it’s still nothing not a normal parent wouldn’t have to overcome with a kid who has like you know asthma or something like that. It’s just little things.  They are the like the most loving kids, they will give you hugs and kisses and they just want that attention you know just like a typical two and three-year-old with love,” says Tracey.

If you’re interested in exploring an adoption with these twin boys, call the office of the Adoption Exchange now at 702-436-6335


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