It’s the first weekend of summer, and Southern Nevada has had eight straight days of temperatures at 110 degrees or higher.

The heat isn’t stopping tourist from visiting Las Vegas.

Some like Chaz Ford told 8 News NOW it’s hot, but it’s a dry heat.

“I think it’s wonderful. It’s actually not that bad. It’s hot, but it’s not humid. Where I come from It’s humid and hot,” Ford said.

Ford is from Texas. He says he will happily deal with this dry heat any day when compared to the humidity of the Lone Star State.

Other braving the heat on the Strip carried drinks and popped into air conditioned casinos at every chance.

For one family from Chicago, the temperature is just right.

“So summer here in Las Vegas or a cold winter in Chicago? I’ll take the summer heat in Vegas anytime over the cold winter in Chicago,” said Kyle Kuhns, visitor. “Chicago in that area we got our hot summers 80’s to 90’s, and that’s pretty bad too but this is, if you’re in the shade, and got something to drink and maybe something a little stronger it’s wonderful.”

Tourists say they’re not letting the heat stop them from getting out and having fun.