While the holiday weekend may be over, the shopping frenzy continues with Cyber Monday. Many people are now turning to the web to scoop up more deals and steals.

Cyber crooks will be looking to cash in by scamming vulnerable shoppers.

Axiom Cyber Solutions is a Las Vegas-based cyber security company has some tips to keep your personal information safe while online.

First, never give out your social security number.

Also, be sure to skip the option to store your credit card information on a retailer’s website.

Be care when shopping on big chain websites. Sometimes you can get redirected to another site that is not legitimate.

Experts stress the importance of making sure your checkout is secure.

“Then also make sure you’re shopping secure so there’s the little padlock showing that your data is being encrypted when you’re sending it across the wire,” said Shannon Wilkinson, the president of Axiom Cyber Solutions.
Another safety tip is to use your credit card for all online purchases, not your debit card. That way the card isn’t connected to your checking account.