LAS VEGAS (KLAS)– Many young workers are entering the job market at an unprecedented time. The job market today for young workers presents its own unique challenges.

Many college graduates who are just getting started in their career field are working from home, missing out on some key aspects that an office experience offers.

Angela Copeland is the senior vice president of marketing at
She says if one is just starting their career working from home, they need to create structure for themsleves. “In the past, when things were more formalized, you could go into the office and observe co-workers, and learn by osmosis, so many things that college doesn’t teach you unfortunately that you learn once you get out into the working world.”

She also suggests fostering relationships with colleagues to learn what’s expected of them, and how to do the job effectively. “I would start out by making sure you have things in place like a weekly one-on-one with your manager,” she said, “if you don’t have one, you should ask.”

Copeland has also seen a lot of college graduates opting to live at home because rent is expensive and they are working remotely. But says it’s important to keep family life and work life separated.