• October 2014

Joyful Heart Foundation uncovered that since 2004, Nevada police collected 5,200 rape kits. Of those, 4,400 had been untested.

KLAS link: Metro Police working to get through rape kit backlog

  • September 2015

The Justice Department and Manhattan District Attorney devoted $79 million to pay for rape kit testing nationwide. Nevada was given $5.6 million of those fund to test rape kits.

Statewide, there were 7,500 untested rape kits, 6,300 of them being from Clark County.

It was said that the funds would cover testing for 80 – 100 percent of the rape kits, and it would take three years to clear the backlog.

KLAS link: Backlog of thousands of rape kits to be tested

  • October 2015

Retired Metro detectives Ken Hefner and Dean O’Kelley return to the force to reopen cold cases as a result of the funds given to test rape kits.

Testing the kits expands Nevada’s DNA database, providing more evidence in the investigations of other crimes, including murder.

According to the I-Team report below, each rape kit cost $600 to test.

KLAS link: Metro’s DNA lab digs into unsolved cases

  • December 2015

Nevada lawmakers approved $3.7 million to test 7,500 rape kits in Nevada after Attorney General Adam Laxalt asked the Interim Finance Committee for the funds. The untested kits dated as far back as 30 years.

KLAS link: Nevada lawmakers being asked for funds to test rape kits

  • September 2016

Nevada Attorney General’s office gave the state $1.7 million received from a settlement with J.P. Morgan Chase to begin erasing the backlog of untested rape kits in Nevada.