LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Rising gas prices have certainly helped increase the interest in hybrid and electric vehicles. Sales for EVs have increased over the past few years.

“The gas is raising so I try to hedge against the inflation in a way,” Tito Eltafesh said. “I think that is the future.”

Eltafesh is hedging against future gasoline hikes by switching to an electric vehicle and he’s not alone. There are close to 37,000 electric vehicles registered in Nevada.

A recent Kelly Blue Book survey revealed more than half of the respondents say environmental concerns helped in their decision to go electric.

And while there are positives to making the move to EVs, there are also some cons to consider.

“How long it takes to charge up? As well as the cost of replacing batteries,” Brian Moody of Kelly Blue Book said.

Eltafesh said his electric car also saves him from the maintenance issues that come with gasoline-fueled cars.

“I have four kids. I don’t have time for maintenance or to get stuck in the middle of nowhere. So, all I do with my Tesla is change my tires and my air filter. That’s it.”

Nevada has taken steps to prepare for more electric vehicles on the road with the Nevada Electric Highway. The state is using a $24 million settlement from a 2016 Volkswagen lawsuit to create charging stations throughout the state. The goal is to help promote the purchase of electric vehicles and relieve concerns about charging.

Eltafesh said he hasn’t had much of a problem finding charging stations. He said most casinos and malls offer the stations and he also has one at his home.

“By using electricity that you charge up at home, it will cost you about half as much for the electric car as it will for the gasoline-powered car,” Moody said.