‘This is My Home’ documentary debuts at Maya Cinemas


LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — A new documentary premiered Saturday night at Maya Cinemas in North Las Vegas. The musicians featured in the film and the director hope the documentary will transcend barriers by celebrating diverse cultures.

Musicians Dave Browne and Dave Rooney of The Black Donnelleys immigrated to Las Vegas from Dublin. The Irish duo sings a sentimental song called, “This is My Home.” That is also the name of a new documentary, which follows the pair as the set a Guinness World Record, or playing 60 venues in all 50 states — in just 40 days, during their 2018 U.S. tour.

“This one is a huge step, big deal, very very personal to us,” Rooney said.

But along the way, something more meaningful happened.

“When we went around the states, we started to see the influences that Irish people have had on America by way of our culture, by way of our music, our food, our whiskeys, our music, more so than anything else,” Rooney said.

Some are calling it the impact of immigrants. The film includes interviews with more than 80 people from all different backgrounds. It is a story of unity that those involved with the film say we need now, more than ever.

“You’re all friends and family by the end of it,” Browne said. “We had a look and you get the same vibe all the time, and it’s just people, that’s all there is — is people, you know.”

Las Vegas local Karl Nickoley produced and directed the documentary.

“This film is a modern day representation of the American Dream,” Nickoley said.

Nickoley says Saturday’s premiere at Maya Cinemas in North Las Vegas makes perfect sense, as it is a changing town full of diverse people.

“They’re re-doing North Las Vegas and Maya Cinemas is a great example of that,” Nickoley said. “It’s got the largest silver screen here in Nevada, so why not do our premiere there.”

In the midst of the divisiveness many feel right now in the U.S., The Black Donnelleys hope their music — and the documentary — inspire people to remember their roots.

“We’ve always seen America as a place where you can go and better yourself,” Rooney said.

Nickoley says the next step for the documentary “This is Our Home” is to submit it to the festival circuit and try to find a distributor.

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