Thirty-six years of homeruns, baseball at Cashman Field is ending


Cashman Field has provided many memories for baseball fans around southern Nevada. 

After 36-years of home runs, baseball at Cashman Field is coming to an end. Monday will mark the final game for the 51’s as they look to usher in a new era at a stadium in Summerlin.

In 1904, James Cashman Sr. settled in the southern sliver of the “silver state” and in 1905, that sliver was slated Las Vegas.

James Sr. sold cars and eventually his best sales job was convincing the valley to build a playground for America’s past time in 1947.

“Basically, all the labor and all the materials were donated- so it was really a community effort,” Samantha Cashman said. 

For over 30 years, Cashman Field was a diamond in the desert but in 1982, the diamond became the sporting jewel of southern Nevada.

“Underneath the seats is the old-it’s like re-bar and concrete. They bulldozed it,” Don Logan of the 51’s said.

Minor league baseball had arrived and so did convention expos, gun shows, and rodeos. For 36 years Cashman Field cashed in on the surreal of ‘sin city.’

Nearly 12 million people have poured into the park on Washington and Las Vegas Boulevard to watch the beauty of bat meeting ball.

Now, Cashman comes with a kick.

Different game, same great name, the Las Vegas legacy of Cashman continues.

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