Lawsuits related to the “1 October mass shooting in Las Vegas continue to come to the forefront. Attorneys for another shooting survivor filed a complaint this week alleging negligence, liability, and emotional distress, among other claims.

It’s the third lawsuit filed this week.  Attorney’s for the victim say they still have a lot of unanswered questions about Stephen Paddock’s 6-day stay at Mandalay Bay, along with the conflicting timelines the night of the shooting. 
Rachel Sheppard is still in the ICU at Sunrise Hospital after taking three bullets to the abdomen.  She has undergone four surgeries.

Her family doesn’t know when she’ll be able to return home to central California.  The complaint names the same defendants already facing at least one other lawsuit filed two days prior.

At the top of the list is MGM Resorts International, the owners of Mandalay Bay.

Attorneys have questioned why the hotel staff didn’t notice what they’re calling “Paddock’s shooting gallery.”  The attorneys claim he had the “do not disturb” sign up for 36 hours.

The victim’s mother says there are lessons to be learned, but she’s grateful for the response in the aftermath, including the quick thinking of her daughter’s friend and a good Samaritan.

“He said he wouldn’t have seen Rachel if it wasn’t for Elena and he ran over, and they managed to pick her up and get her to an ambulance, and they didn’t,” said Cheryl Shappard, victim’s mom.  “They said they were full, but Jake insisted said ‘ill put her on my lap. I’ll hold her.’ He put his fingers in her body to try to stop the bleeding, and the two of them got her staying conscious almost all the way, and that was thirty minutes.”

Attorneys have also filed a motion for an emergency temporary restraining order to stop MGM from getting rid of anything that can be considered evidence, including surveillance video, card swipe data, and the long list goes on.

We’re told it could be at least a week before lawyers learn if a judge has granted or denied their motion.

The other defendants also listed in the complaint are Live Nation Entertainment, which was the promoter for the country music festival; the estate of the mass killer, and Slide Fire Solutions, the makers and sellers of bump stocks.  Bump stocks was a gun accessory Paddock used in the shooting to rapidly let out more rounds at a time.

Slide Fire is also facing a separate class action lawsuit.