Thieves take man’s entire business

Only 2 weeks into starting his very own business, a local mechanic loses it all. Police are searching for 4 men who are accused of stealing more than a $100,000 worth of goods. 
Paul Lynch is the victim and he says, “”they jump out of a truck. you see them put gloves on, no heavy equipment, no tools, no nothing. They walk to the end of the street. It only took 45 seconds for them to walk up, snatch my truck, and leave.”
But the four perps took more than just a truck. Lynch says, ” I don’t know what they were thinking they were stealing. But they took my livelihood and they took everything I had to be able to make money for my family.”
Lynch’s son is autistic and his wife is a stay at home mother. Sheila Lynch says, “we’re unsure of how we’re going to put food on the table, how to keep a roof over our heads, basic necesstities, electric, water, gas just to keep our family going. It’s scary.”
Paul has been a mechanic for more than 20 years. Everything* he had from generators and battery testers to diagnostic equipments are all gone. Lynch says, “what was on that truck was everything to repair a 1990 car to a 2017. I’m just devastated. I could cry. I lost everything I own.”
He started his own business just 12 days before the heist. Now the Lynch’s must start all over, once again. Sheila Lynch says, “I haven’t started feeling yet. It’s numb. We’re just numb. You can’t comprehend what it is when you have a special needs child and you’re a stay at home mom. The one bread winner and everything was just stolen.”
The truck is believed to be on the east side of the valley. It was last seen on Charleston and Nellis Monday afternoon.

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