Thieves steal hair extensions, petty cash during string of late-night break-ins


A number of valley businesses were hit overnight, but some owners are looking on the bright side of it all.

A rash of overnight burglaries at a Las Vegas valley shopping plaza. Video from the dessert shop “Pop Drinks” shows two people wearing hoodies and hospital masks as they break in and rummage around for roughly one minute.

We were able to speak to a spa owner in the complex whose store was also broken into. 

“They don’t come in right away, they wait, see? Now they come in,” Owner Peter Yu said.

Surveillance video captured in Yu’s spa shows the criminals inside his business for much longer – almost 10 minutes.

“Man, at least go to my fridge and get a bottle of water with all this work,” said Yu. “This I find very funny. Over here the guy leaves the iPad, gets the jar with pennies, and the guy comes out like Salvation Army donations.”

After it was all said and done the criminals didn’t make off with much.

The thieves’ “sticky fingers” got a  little more specific at Hottie Hair Salon.

“We sell hair extensions here and they stole very specific colors and types of extensions,” said Crystal Frehner, owner of Hottie Hair Salon. “Instead of just going through grabbing everything and going, it’s like they went shopping while they were robbing us.” 

Crime scene investigators went through the scene and collected plenty of surveillance footage. Business owners were then left to clean up the mess left behind by the robbery spree 

“They probably feel pretty stupid, all this work for nothing,” Yu said. 

Officers are asking for any tips or information on the whereabouts or identity of these thieves. 

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