Three first-grade students in Anchorage, Alaska were suspended after allegedly hatching a plot to poison a classmate.

Las Vegas parents and caregivers were stunned to learn six and seven-year-old Alaskan children plotted to kill a classmate over an on-going feud.

“Where are they getting this information or where are these thoughts coming from,” said Wryn King, a shocked resident.

“What is it that you’re watching; what are you seeing at home; what kinds of conversations are your parents having with you,” Kayana Sanders, a caregiver shocked by the news asked.

Therapist say social media, television, and video games exposes children to more information at younger ages, and it may be to blame.

Licensed marriage & family therapist Donna Wilburn says she understands how something like this could happen.  She said the number one thing parents need to give their children is time, and many of them don’t give their kids time.

“I work with so many families, and it is such a challenge to get them to make even 20 minutes a day to talk to or interact with their children,” said Dr. Wilburn.

Wilburn says parents must carve out undistracted, uninterrupted time with their children to help with their development.

“If you don’t spend that time, not only is your child not able to connect with you, but they’re not learning how to relate, their not learning empathy, their not learning compassion,” Dr. Wilburn said.

“I do things with them outside of the home that doesn’t revolve around them being exposed to negative things like shows and stuff like that,” according to Wilburn.