The voice behind the Spanish play-by-play for the Golden Knights


According to the NHL, only two of its teams such as the Chicago Blackhawks and Florida Panthers have used the Spanish language play-by-play.

Although that didn’t last, the Golden Knights are bringing it back. This is a story about one man who is breaking barriers through his culinary terms. 

As the Golden Knights prepare for the Stanley Cup Final, Jesus Lopez is getting ready to share that fun in Spanish, but getting to that point wasn’t easy.

“Being included in this big project was something that I wasn’t expecting,” said Lopez.

He is known for doing the play-by-play Golden Knights games in Spanish on Lotus Broadcasting and ESPN Deportes on 1460 AM.

He says this is a dream come true, all thanks to Knights owner Bill Foley.

“I heard Mr. Bill Foley  aying one-third of our population is Hispanic and I want them included on this and I want a broadcasting in Spanish for the Golden Knights.”

Lopez says he had no experience with hockey but enjoyed the sport.

“And I said, ‘You know what I’m going to start calling the goals in Spanish as if it was a soccer game.'” 

And that brought the magic.

“Goooooallllll that’s a connection that’s what we like,” he said.

But the inspiration didn’t stop there.

“All of a sudden this Disney Goofy cartoon pops up,” Lopez said.

Through his style, Lopez began to be bold, funny and the Hispanic community began to listen.

“The Latino community embraces it so easily because they know that we have been included. There are very typical things that you can find everywhere in Mexico or Latin America. So, for instance when they got in a corner trying to get the puck out of the corner, I say things like y enpiesan a picar cebollas, cilantro y lansan pedasitos de jitomate.”  He likens it to chopping onions and cilantro.

Today Lopez is the first Hispanic male in Las Vegas to be able to connect hockey and Spanish and he wants to show the world that through sports.

“Inclusion is the best thing that can happen.”

Lopez says his greatest advice was from Dan Duval, the voice for the Golden Knights in English, which is make sure people can listen to your smile.

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