LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — First, Resorts World. Now, what’s next for the north end of the Las Vegas Strip?

For years, the “All Net” project has promised a new hotel and arena development, only to fall short. After several false starts, developers now say they are ready to get to work on a $4 billion resort.

8 News Now spoke with the man behind the project — former UNLV basketball star Jackie Robinson.

He says this time, he means it.

In October 2014, shovels started digging dirt for what would have been a Las Vegas first then — a professional sports arena on the Las Vegas Strip.

Today, plenty of pro sports are here. “All Net Arena” is not.

Former UNLV and NBA basketball player Jackie Robinson has led All Net from day one. He wants to build a hotel, arena and retail complex where Wet-n-Wild used to sit.

Over the years, plans have changed. Investors have come and gone. Promises to county commissioners were made and made again.

“You want to win,” said Robinson. “It’s not just about playing the game. I want to win.”

Today, Robinson says he is not playing anymore. Ground will break again at the All Net site in October, and he says nothing will stop it.

“That’s the key.  We’re launching because we’re prepared,” Robinson said. “We’re in the right spot to move forward.”

This is the first time these new renderings have been made public.

Now, All Net’s project includes:

  • 2,500-room hotel with no casino
  • 3,000-seat theater
  • 400,000 square feet of retail space
  • Movie theaters
  • Grocery store

And yes, an arena — with or without the NBA.

“Would we like to have an NBA team?  Absolutely,” Robinson said. “But, would we be deterred if we don’t? No.”

This time, Robinson says financing for the $4 billion project is lined up through bonds and investors. A major player is Comcast.

“They’re a large producer of content. They own Universal. They own NBC,” Robinson said. “They manage 250 arenas around the world. They’re going to book it. They’re going to market it.”

All Net would be historic — the first minority-owned resort on the Strip.

It’s Robinson’s vision, come-to-life.

“Now, it’s the proper time that we feel we can move forward with it and not just put something up at the wrong time and just try to satisfy everybody,” Robinson said.

After several fits-and-starts, he says this time it is really going to happen.

Editor’s Note: A previous version of this story said the project will cost $3 billion. It has been corrected to show it will cost $4 billion.