The Music of Mozart, in “What’s Cool at School”


Third-graders at Legacy Traditional School – Cadence (Henderson) are hitting the right keys in a class inspired by the music of Mozart.

The Mozart Performing Arts program encourages students to expand their passion for performance by learning instruments, music history, music theory, and vocals.

Students are genuinely excited to be taking on piano, as their teacher, Michael Erickson said, “You should see the way that their eyes light up when they walk into this facility!”

3rd-grader Aidan Ayabe told me, “My dad was in a band back in Hawaii….he played guitar and bass, and I thought I would give Mozart a whirl!”

Students are learning with an uncommon mode of instruction. Everyone in class is on headphones, allowing kids to learn keyboard skills without distraction, and their teacher can listen in on individual students playing, talk to them, and provide personalized feedback.

Mr. Erickson said, “At the push of a button I can her what a student is doing.”

This is an effective way to teach 1-on-1, while still leading the whole class. ‘

Mr. Erickson added, “You get the best of both worlds. The best of private lessons, and the best of the group lesson.”

Some students have taken piano lessons before. Most have not. They bring their own musical taste, and personal goals, to class.

Students are not only learning how to play, but also, how to compose music.

As their Principal, Jennifer Hackett, said, “There’s nothing that sparks that creativity more than music.”
Their teacher Mr. Erickson is also a performer, and for years starred in “Jersey Boys.” Now, he brings his vast stage experience to these budding musicians.

“I got to tell you…’s incredible! So, I can take what I’ve done my whole life and teach these kids from real world knowledge.” 

He continued on about his new career as an educator, “It is an extremely challenging job, but it is so rewarding!”

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