Tensions rise in North Las Vegas City meeting with former City Manager


Imagine getting fired from your job then getting the chance to talk to your boss in front of your colleagues and the people you served.

That’s exactly what happened at North Las Vegas City Council meeting Wednesday night.

City council members voted to terminate City Manager Qiong Liu with cause, meaning her dismissal now disqualifies her from collecting anything owed via her employment and contract with the city.

Earlier in the meeting, Liu went to council members with a proposal of a severance package request, which was denied.

“The vote they took today is trying to fire me with cause which would deprive me of those benefits that were provided by my contract,” Liu said. “The issue is, they want me out, but they don’t want to pay me what I was entitled to.”

Mayor John Lee says the termination is valid based on the city’s finding that in January, Liu requested to keep her emails private and then tried to falsify a document. Lee also says it was Liu’s decision to resign.

“She offered to quit, and I said, what are you doing? I just came back from business and it was just a downhill spiral of her attitude. I thought we were working great together,” Lee said. 

Liu is entitled to cash out her accrued leave about $230,000, but that means she won’t be eligible to the terms of her contract plus retroactive merit-based pay that she requested for a total of about $613,000. 

Liu legally has five days to request a public hearing where she could present more facts to the council and they could re-vote. Her attorney told 8 News NOW they haven’t decided if they will file for that hearing and haven’t counted out legal recourse either.

Liu will be weighing her options and will continue to battle the city for the benefits she believes she deserves.

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