Teen could face charges for deadly car surfing


A local teenager is facing criminal charges for his part in a car surfing accident that left a 16-year-old girl dead.

“I heard that there was some girl riding in the back of a truck, and she fell off and I guess she died,” said Cyras Bird, a student at Durango High School.

Donya Badiepour, a former Durango High School student, was car surfing in the parking lot around 3 a.m. when she critically injured herself when she fell.  It happened on Aug. 6 during the summer break.

Badiepour died at the hospital from a head injury two days later.

Metro hasn’t released any other information about the 15-year-old alleged driver because he’s a minor.  Investigators are suggesting charges for leaving the scene of an accident, failure to render aid and driving without a license, but there’s no word on where the Clark County District Attorney stands on this case.

Law enforcement officers say the adrenaline-filled ride has killed and injured teenagers around the country.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   

Professional and amateur car surfing stunts have been around for years, but there has recently been another wave of accidents involving teenagers.  Earlier this week, a Southern California teen died while reportedly doing the daring stunt, and on Monday, a 17-year-old boy from Texas was hospitalized after falling while surfing on a car.

“Kids think that they are indestructible and that nothing is going to happen to them,” said Sgt. Richard Strader, Metro Police.  “They think, ‘this is fun, it’s fun, and nothing is gonna happen,’ that is until it happens to them.” 

  In the valley area, there was even one on Halloween when two teenagers almost died after being thrown from a moving car.  Metro says it doesn’t believe car surfing is a growing trend in the valley, but they are warning teens and parents about the dangers.

“The chances of you receiving a serious injury from doing this type of activity is great.  It’s just not worth the chance,” said Sgt. Strader. 

Local students and parents think the teens who are thinking about car surfing should make better choices.

“It’s ridiculous, these kids need to get it together, their lives are important and these cars are no joke,” said Tamara Alvarez, her brother Attends Durango High School.

“They need a little more home training; parents need to pay more attention to their children that they’re letting have these vehicles,” said Andrew Giywzcynski, parent.

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