LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — CES kicks off once again this week at the Las Vegas Convention Center. Over the next week, the convention center will be ground zero for the latest in cutting edge tech products set to debut in 2020 and beyond.

8 News Now got a special preview for some of this year’s most anticipated gadgets.

Many products this year fit in the category of wearable technology. That includes this already award-winning, one-of-a-kind, brain-sensing wearable from NextMind. Whatever you focus on is used to trigger commands, primarily for gaming and VR.

“It’s analyzing your perception, and transforming your perception into actions onto an interface,” said NextMind Founder Sid Kouidr. “So what we’re doing is decoding your visual perception.”

Also on the wearables list — the world’s first amazon Alexa-integrated smart helmet from SafeTech.

“Because it’s bone conduction, the speakers are not earbuds, the nice thing is you can still hear ambient noises, so if someone says watch out, you’ll hear it,” said Jonathan Ames of SafeTech.

There are also many devices that ensure safety. That includes a smart parcel mailbox from Danby, which is meant to combat porch piracy.

“The courier can simply open the top drawer, place the package in,” said Mike Schulz of Danby Products. “As you close the door, it drops down to this bottom piece, and now you see that it’s not at the top. Magic!”

All these products and more will be showcased all this week during CES 2020.