A man arrested after barricading himself in an apartment last Wednesday for more than three hours did fire several rounds nearly hitting a bicyclist on a nearby street.

According to his arrest report, Jean Joseph is facing charges of attempted murder with a deadly weapon, kidnapping with a deadly weapon and child endangerment with a deadly weapon.

Julio Rodriguez told police he was riding his bike along Pebble Road when he heard someone yelling at him from a building’s balcony. He said he heard around 10 shots fired and could see rounds striking the ground around him. Rodriguez said he was in fear of his life. He was later able to identify Joseph from a photo lineup as the man who shot at him, the report said.

Prior to that shooting, the report said, Joseph, who was armed with a gun, had forced his way into another apartment pushing a man out of the way and headed for a back bedroom where a mother and child were sleeping. The man told police, Joseph began to “talk nonsense” and wave the gun around while making racial slurs.  At one point, Joseph laid on the floor and the mother and child ran from the apartment. The man was able to escape after a brief scuffle with Joseph, the report said.

Joseph did end up surrendering peacefully to police.