Suspect destroys property at industrial facility


Police say a man allegedly stole a forklift and left a path of destruction which was all caught on camera.

Witnesses tell 8 News NOW they worried the man would go after them with the heavy-duty machine.

“We just heard a big noise against the wall and wondering what was it? We came outside and saw a guy doing some crazy stuff with a huge forklift,” witness Fernando Diaz said.

It was anything but a quiet day at work for Fernando Diaz and his coworkers at Fantastic Five Collision Center. The workers caught video of a man that police say stole a forklift and tried destroying everything in his path at the PDM Steel Services Center Saturday morning.

“One of our workers was working on the truck close to that wall and he was the first one who heard the noise and jumped out of there, he was scared,” Diaz said.

Witnesses say the man knocked down a metal gate with the forklift at the industrial facility.

“Once he dropped it on the floor he was stepped on it and making turns on top of it,” witness Cynthia Peredo said. I started calling the police but I couldn’t even make the report I was so nervous. The lady was like calm down tell me what’s going on.”

Peredo knew she had to call for help, but was frazzled by the chaos.

During it all, Diaz says the man kept driving the forklift through the street and even ran into the side of their building causing a lot of damage.

While shooting video on the cell phone, witnesses feared for their lives and hid behind a pillar.

“As soon as he came down and came back up through this street, we just started thinking he was going to try to move into the cars and crash into the building,” Diaz said. 

Diaz and the rest of his coworkers are just glad police were able to take down the suspect without anyone getting hurt.

Metro Police haven’t released the name of the suspect that was caught.

Before taking the forklift, police say the man destroyed about $100,000 in damages inside the facility and stole the forklift.

It’s still unclear if the man worked for the company currently or at some time in the past.

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