SURVIVAL STORY: Man rescued after 20 days in Alaskan wilderness


ANCHORAGE, Ak. (CNN) — An Alaskan man found himself thrown into dire circumstances in the cruelest of conditions. It happened last month, and he’s lucky to be able to recount his ordeal.

Aerial footage of a moment that Alaskan homesteader Tyson Steele thought might never come – rescued by a state trooper helo team after his cabin burned to the ground during a frigid mid-December night in Skwentna, a remote area of the Alaskan interior.

Steele woke to find the roof of his cabin in flames. He grabbed a handful of supplies, but most of his possessions and his dog, Phil, didn’t make it.

“At that point, I just sat down on the ground for awhile. It was cold, I didn’t have any socks in my boots and I was just wearing pajamas at that point, and a T-shirt.”

For more than 20 days, Steele survived in a make-shift shelter, using debris from his cabin and what little food he had managed to salvage.

“Honestly I was grateful that all my bullets blew up, because that could have been a temptation. That’s a very real thought that crept up almost daily, especially on real cold nights,” he said.

But even after the fight of his life, Steele isn’t done with Alaska – he plans to return and rebuild.

“Two cabins, in case one burns down!”

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