A North Las Vegas neighborhood is the latest community to get hit by mail thieves but, this time — it was all caught on surveillance video.

Neighbors reported the crime near Simmons Street and W. Craig Road to police on Tuesday.

At least four of the mailboxes with multiple units were broken into.

Residents in the area say they’re concerned they won’t get Christmas gifts that were sent to them by mail.   They wonder if the gifts were stolen.
Resident’s hope a neighbor’s surveillance video leads to an arrest.

“You can see the pickup pulling up to the mailboxes and then a guy gets out, said Jim Warden, describing the video his camera caught the thieves.

The surveillance cameras at Warden’s home caught the criminals red handed.  In the video, a man is seen prying mailboxes open while the getaway driver waits inside a pick-up truck.

“This camera view catches them driving away; the next camera view — shows them coming by,” Warden said.

The cameras did not get a clear image of the vehicle’s license plate number, but Warden, a retired North Las Vegas Police Sergeant, hopes a distinctive feature on the getaway pickup truck will help identify both men seen inside.

“It’s dark gray or black, but it has a maroon pickup bed with chrome, what they call frame rails one top,” said Warden.

Not too far from Warden’s neighborhood, several other mailboxes were broken into on the same morning Warden’s were broken into.  Police said it happened just minutes apart.

“You wouldn’t really expect for someone to be that daring — and to do it in the early morning hours,” said Theo Formen, the victim of mail theft.

Theo Formen is one of the many victims affected by the mail thieves in the neighborhood.  He said he was expecting Christmas gifts for his wife.

“We were alarmed about it, and I went to the phone immediately, and of course, I called 911,” Formen said.

While police look for the mail thieves, Warden posted photos from his surveillance camera on Facebook to aid in the search.  So far his post has been shared more than 500 times.

“You’ll get a lot of people commenting on it. Somebody will know — somebody will know this pickup,” he said.

Many of the residents have filed police reports, and all of the mailboxes have been replaced.
If you recognize the men or the pickup truck seen in the footage, please call North Las Vegas Police or Crime Stoppers at  702-385-5555 to remain anonymous.