LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Grab your shopping carts and get ready for the fun because Supermarket Sweep is headed back to TV! The show at game show loving, grocery shopping enthusiasts is the latest on a long list of television shows to be rebooted in the past year.

The iconic game show that features contestants racing through the aisles of a grocery store packing their carts with the most valuable items, first debuted on ABC in 1965. Bill Malone was the host.  

A revival of the series featuring David Ruperecht premiered on Lifetime in 1990. The newest version of the show is generating a lot of buzz because it includes some really funny people.

According to Deadline, Saturday Night Live alum Leslie Jones will be the executive producer and host of the show. The date when Supermarket Sweep will air has yet to be released, but the game show shouldn’t have any trouble finding a new TV home. According to Country Living, multiple networks — including Netflix, ABC, NBC, and Fox—are reportedly bidding on it.