LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Only Alabama had a higher rate of bankruptcies in the past year than Nevada, according to a study by

Researchers at the website that helps users find financial services and products calculated the number of 2021 bankruptcies per million residents in each state.

Alabama topped the list with 3,053 per million residents, with 3,021 being non-business related.
Nevada followed with 2,308 per million, with 2,234 classified as non-business.

The data came from the U.S. Census Bureau’s American Community Survey (2020), the Administrative Office of the U.S. Court’s Bankruptcy Filings Statistics and Experian’s FICO Credit Score by State dataset.

Smartest Dollar said researchers calculated the number of bankruptcies per million residents, with the number from 2021 and the population figures from 2020, the latest data available.

The national average was 1,267 per million, according to the study. The study found the state with the lowest number of bankruptcies per million residents was Alaska with 296 per million residents.

The study and the complete list of bankruptcies per state is at U.S. States With the Most Bankruptcies in 2022 – Smartest Dollar.