Students schedule protest to stand in solidarity with teachers


LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — As the showdown between the Clark County School District and the teachers’ continues to boil over, local students are starting to get involved, and they’re taking a side — and they’re deciding to stand with their teachers.

“If they can’t strike, then we’re going to be their voice for them,” said Travis Farmer, a junior at Las Vegas High School.

Farmer and many other students know that if teachers strike, they can lose their jobs, so they’re glad to pick up the picket sign for them.

“We’re here; We’re fighting for our teachers. This is a long time coming,” Farmer said.
Samuel Mangum and his friends want to stand in solidarity with teachers to showing students across the district do care about the welfare of their educators.

“We wanted to make sure we had our voice out there as well so that we can stand up for the teachers who are standing up for themselves ultimately,” said Mangum.

Mangum and three friends from other CCSD schools started a social media post supporting teachers and announcing the protest, and it has really taken off.

“We’ve had a lot of people reach out to us,” said Trevor York, a junior at Las Vegas High School. “They’ll privately message us [and] be like, ‘hey what’s more about this?'”
The post encourages students to stand in their campus parking lots on Thursday, Sept. 5 during first-period to protest for teachers.  

“Yes, we’re skipping class,” Farmer said. “We are not going to first period, but it’s definitely for them, and I think it’s for a good cause.”
Cristen Drummond, Reporter: “Are you scared about the consequences you may face from your school?”
Farmer: “I don’t believe there should be any consequences.”

Travis Farmer and Trevor York are on the student council at Las Vegas High School. They see this as an opportunity to inform their peers about the pay issues while making a difference.
“A lot of students these days don’t care about their teachers, but we want to show that there’s actually students out there that care about the well being of our teachers because they’re out here for us, educating us,” York said.
A CCSD spokesperson says the district is aware of the post, but nothing was mentioned about potential punishments for students who participate.

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