Stephen Paddock was thorough, meticulously planned Las Vegas mass shooting


A preliminary investigative report released on Friday details how meticulous and thorough Stephen Paddock was. 

Inside of his master bedroom, police found equipment Paddock used to drill holes, run wires, and set up surveillance cameras that showed the outside hallway. Police also found empty ammunition boxes, live rounds, loaded rifle magazines, duffel bags, suitcases, and two laptops.

According to the documents, from September 25 through October 1, Paddock transported as many as 19 suitcases to his room on several occasions. He also left the Mandalay Bay on multiple occasions for long periods of time, often returning to Mesquite, Nevada. 

Paddock checked into his room under his girlfriend Marilou Danley’s name from the VIP check in counter at Mandalay Bay. A blue plastic tube, with a fan on one end and a snorkel mouthpiece on the other end, was also found. The photos show a slip of paper on a small table with hand written distances on it.

Paddock’s plans were detailed. They were also methodical. It caused chaos and confusion on the ground. He also fired several rounds at a nearby fuel tank.

The documents give a closer look at just how much damage Paddock intended to do.

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