State senators face deadlines for bills, several pot bills cleared


Several marijuana bills cleared a key hurdle in Carson City, and it came as state and local regulators scramble to get recreational pot sales up and running by July 1.

Tuesday was the deadline for bills to pass out of their originating houses and over to the other chamber.

Among perhaps hundreds of bills getting a vote Tuesday, a handfull of them dealt with marijuana.

The biggest one, perhaps, is Senate Bill 236, which is the public consumption bill.  With SB 236, businesses will be allowed to operate like Amsterdam-style coffee shops.

However, businesses would have to have a special permit to allow pot smoking inside.
SB 236 would also allow businesses to get temporary permits for marijuana consumption at special events.
Currently, in the state, it’s only legal to smoke weed on private property, such as your home.
“When Nevadans were casting their votes for ballot question 2, it was with the understanding that users who choose to partake will only be able to do so within the confines of their own residence,” said State Senator Don Gustavson, R-Sparks.

“Tourists don’t have a home in Nevada, and this bill is designed to give them a place, again, we’re trying to raise $70 million from them, so let’s allow them someplace to use it,” said State Senator Tick Segerblom, D-Clark County.

The $70 million Segerblom mentioned is from a proposed 10 percent tax requested by Governor Brian Sandoval, R-NV.

The money from the tax will go toward education, and that’s on top of the 15 percent tax currently on the books, along with any state and local sales and special use taxes.

The bill passed on party lines 12-9; Democrats for and Republicans against.

A bill restricting the labeling, packaging, and advertising of marijuana edibles so that it’s not attractive to kids passed unanimously.

All of the measures now go to the Stae Assembly.

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