State Route 161 closed west of I-15 due to flooding

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State Route 161 is closed west of I-15 due to flooding, according to Metro Police.  Officers said a car driving on State Route 161 went off the road and into the floodwaters late Friday afternoon.  

It happened in the area right before Goodsprings. 

Metro said there were three people trapped inside the vehicle as water started flowing into the vehicle.

The flood waters in that area were between 8-inches to about 3-feet deep, but when rescuers arrived on-scene, the waters had subsided to only about 4-inches.

Las Vegas Fire and Rescue were able to get on scene and rescue all three people from the vehicle before things got worse.

Fire officials want to stress that regardless of how deep the water is, people should not attempt to go through flood waters. Remembr the following slogans: “turn around, don’t drown,” and “water always wins.”

And for those who happen to take a chance and go through flood waters, call if they feel like they’re in danger because it’s better to be safe than sorry.

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