Members of the State Senate were in Carson City Tuesday talking about restoring the water levels at Lake Mead.

One of the ideas pitches was to drain Lake Powell and decommission the Glen Canyon Dam.  If Lake Powell is removed to get rid of the Glen Canyon Dam billions of gallons of water, could avoid evaporation, which would fortify the river downstream, and restore Lake Mead.

   But the idea is controversial.
“Today climate change is making the west hotter and dryer with less water to store and more quickly evaporating the water that is stored,” said Ellen More, Progressive Leadership Alliance of Nevada.  “In fact, more than 160 billion gallons of water evaporates from Lake Powell’s surface annually, with another 120 billion gallons leaking out from the bottom.”

“I have to tell you that you can’t regulate our water supply,” said according to Danny Thompson, Laborers Local 872.  “If you want to force Southern Nevada to look for water elsewhere, do away with the Glen Canyon Dam, not to mention the over 4,217 gigawatts of power that is clean power that is produced by this dam every year- you’d have to replace that as well.”

Others lining up in opposition included the Howard Hughes Corporation, the Las Vegas Metro Chamber of Commerce and Boulder City.

However, the idea is a long way from happening.  Tuesday’s discussion was only about ordering a study of alternative management practices, which included draining the lake and destroying Glen Canyon Dam.