Stands start selling fireworks


Thursday is the first day of fireworks sales in Clark County and officials are out inspecting licensed vendors around the valley.

Sellers have stacked the shelves in preparation for the upcoming holiday.

“They’re great, I mean sparklers, there’s all sorts of stuff,” said Amanda Schmutz, director of coaching, Albion SC Las Vegas.

People are already lining up to buy legal fireworks and Clark County fire officials are on hand to start inspections.

“We want to make sure most of these organizations are legit,” said Amanda Wildermuth, fire inspector, Clark County. “So, we want to make sure that everything is a safe environment for them.”

It’s all part of their annual “safe and sane” effort.

Wildermuth walks through a Phantom fireworks booth to check products, sales and strategy.

“We want to make sure everything is legal. There’s nothing in there that’s not allowed,” she said.

Any firework you find here will stay low to the ground. If something shoots into the sky, it’s against the law. 

Following rules and regulations is essential this holiday as the valley deals with dangerously dry conditions.

“It only takes a second. If you’re not paying attention and an ember flies away, even safe and sound has potential risk,” Wildermuth said

She says you should follow a few steps to prevent problems.

“Water, lots and lots of water, buckets, totes, water hoses, soak them overnight to make sure they don’t reignite overnight, that’s the best way to dispose of safe and sane fireworks,” Wildermuth said.

Also, keep any fireworks away from public lands while teaching adults and kids alike.

I think fireworks are really fun and it’s a great way to celebrate Fourth of July but there has got to be a level of responsibility and safety.

Clark County officials say if you hear or see illegal fireworks, you can report them with the website 

It collects data for future enforcement and keeps phone lines free for emergencies. Authorized spots can sell fireworks through July 4 then they’re no longer allowed. Anyone caught with illegal fireworks could face a $1,000 fine and six months in jail.

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