Snow hits the valley, what do people think about the cold?


It’s a sight you don’t see often: Snow in Las Vegas. “We were driving in and a little bit of snow fell on our windshield,” said Andrea Nolker from Arizona. 

Both residents and tourists couldn’t help but snap a photo. “It’s unusual, you know,” Matthew Nolker said. “We’re from Phoenix and we don’t get anything like that. We have to go up north to Flagstaff to see it so it was cool.”

This wasn’t what they were expecting. “The weather is freezing!” Naomi Sanchez said. Patrice and Jason Tyler are celebrating their 10-year wedding anniversary. They came to Las Vegas to renew their vows. “We were actually anticipating oh go to the pool, enjoy the sunshine and then we were actually under-packed for what we need,” said Patrice Tyler. “We had to purchase this jacket just to be warm enough for here.”

The Tyler’s booked their trip back in October. “We checked in on Sunday,” said Jason Tyler. “We were trying to pack and it was a little different than last week.”

But, not everyone was upset. “I’ve got all kinds of pictures of it. It was nice to see snow. I’ve been wanting to see it for a while,” said Andrea Nolker. 

Some say they’ll take the snow over the hot summer temperatures. “It’s pretty cold but I like it. I’d rather have it this cold than super hot like summer,” said Neri Hernandez.

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